News: Zombie Math App for Magic Leap One Mixes Halloween Horror with AR Learning

Zombie Math App for Magic Leap One Mixes Halloween Horror with AR Learning

What if you could combine the fun of Halloween with the process of learning?

Well, if you were wise enough to have already snagged a Magic Leap One device, we have good news: the app you're looking for is here, and it's called Zombie Math.

Available as a free app in the Magic Leap World app store, Zombie Math was developed by Jeff Paries, a principal software engineer at the international digital agency AKQA.

The point of the app is charmingly simple — it's a fun and easy way to brush up on your math skills or help a young child build theirs from the ground up.

Image by Adario Strange/Next Reality

Once launched, the game allows you to choose a male or female zombie. After that's done, the zombie will trudge along the surface of your real-world environment thinking up math problems for you to solve using multiple choice answers.

The math is pretty basic, as it only covers multiplication and division problems. But if it's too easy you can adjust the settings from Easy to Medium to Zomg!

Image by Adario Strange/Next Reality

When you get an answer right, the zombie nods approvingly, but when you make a mistake, the zombie shakes its head and moves forward toward its goal. What goal, you ask? Why eating the most precious thing on the internet: a tiny augmented reality kitten. Yes, really.

Saving the world in the game might have been a decent goal, but the game maker understood that more people will have fun trying to save that helpless feline.

Image by Adario Strange/Next Reality

If you can answer all 12 questions in a set correctly, you effectively kill the zombie. But if you lose, well, things get pretty grim for our cat friend.

And on top of that, the zombie even celebrates with a Thriller dance on top of the freshly dug grave of the kitty.

Image by Adario Strange/Next Reality

Sure, it's not the most elaborate or sophisticated example of using AR for learning, but it's a quick and easy way to show educators and children alike what's possible when you truly enter the world of Magic Leap's spatial computing platform. And its Halloween timing could be better.

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Cover image by Adario Strange/Next Reality

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