News: Magic Leap One Now Available to Most US Consumers, Affirm Partner Offers Buyer Financing

Magic Leap One Now Available to Most US Consumers, Affirm Partner Offers Buyer Financing

One the main gripes against cutting-edge augmented reality headsets like the Magic Leap One and the HoloLens is the price — they're pretty expensive compared to most consumer devices. Well, now some of that pain has been relieved for those looking to pick up a Magic Leap One as the company has just announced a financing option that allows anyone with a spare $96/month to gradually pay their way into full ownership of the device.

Magic Leap's new partner Affirm facilitates the financing. Affirm is based in San Francisco-based and makes financing a new Magic Leap One a lot less complicated and a lot more tech-enabled. Along with a fairly quick and straightforward loan decision process, and a zero percent APR financing option (some buyers may need to make a down payment), Affirm also offers an iOS and Android app that allows buyers to monitor the status of their payments closely.

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Along with the financing announcement, Magic Leap has now officially expanded the availability of the Magic Leap One to all contiguous US states, which means those living in mainland states not in the initial city rollout list no longer have to use special services to obtain the device.

Will the wider availability and the financing option fuel a massive adoption spike for what is now a fairly small Magic Leap community? It's not likely, but it will help Magic Leap begin to ramp up user numbers as it tries to eventually reach parity with the small but robust HoloLens developer community.

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