News: Magic Leap Adds Mobile Carrying Case to Its Arsenal of Augmented Reality Gear

Magic Leap Adds Mobile Carrying Case to Its Arsenal of Augmented Reality Gear

It took a while, but one of the most anticipated Magic Leap One accessories is finally here.

Magic Leap has quietly added the official Magic Leap One carrying case, which we previewed last year, to its website.

There's no fancy name like all the other Magic Leap components, it's just called "Carry Case," but the price is about as premium as it gets at $95.

On the inside of the case, the company includes a central chamber for the headset and its hip computer (aka the Lightpack), while on the sides there are two chambers for the charging pucks.

Image by Adario Strange/Next Reality

When I tried an early version of the case last year, it felt solid in terms of build and ability to protect the Magic Leap One. But, I wasn't entirely convinced that the ovoid design (which is reminiscent of the original HoloLens carrying case) was necessarily the best choice for those frequently taking their Magic Leap One to different locations.

To that end, I suggested a much cheaper option that, while devoid of the purpose-built interior areas of the official Magic Leap Carry Case, does a fine job nonetheless.

Another thing I've noticed is that there don't appear to be any shoulder straps from third-party makers. The prototype I tried on had a strap from a guitar maker (a subtle nod to Rony Abovitz's love of music). When I asked about this, Magic leap told me that various colorful shoulder straps from third-party vendors would be available to purchase alongside the case.

Images via Magic Leap

On the site, the company states that the case includes, "various straps for comfortable wear including a top handle and removable/adjustable strap to wear over the shoulder or messenger style." But so far, that doesn't appear to include the third-party straps, nor do I see them for purchase on the site. Admittedly, this is getting into deep Magic Leap devotee territory, but how you transport a $2,295 device that isn't easily repairable is no trivial matter.

We should also note that, for now, the Magic Leap section of AT&T is still only showing the hardware for sale, no carrying case, so serious Magic Leapers will have to go to the mothership website for the new accessory.

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Cover image via Magic Leap

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