News: Magic Leap L.E.A.P. Conference Speakers Announced, Includes Celebrities & a Major Tech Partner

Magic Leap L.E.A.P. Conference Speakers Announced, Includes Celebrities & a Major Tech Partner

Applicants looking to attend Magic Leap's first annual L.E.A.P. conference next month in Los Angeles have begun receiving their confirmation invitations, and now we have more detail about some of what will happen at the event.

In a message sent out by Magic Leap on Friday, the company announced the names of several major tech and entertainment industry players who will be speaking at the event.

Among those speakers are Andy Serkis, the famed motion capture actor whose studio is working in partnership with Magic Leap to create content for the Magic Leap One. Also on hand will be Richard Taylor, the co-founder of Weta Workshop, the studio behind the forthcoming Magic Leap One game called "Dr. Grordbort's: Invaders."

But the most interesting name in the first list of L.E.A.P. conference speakers is John Donovan, the CEO of AT&T Communications. We already know that Magic Leap has plans to roll out a number of demo locations in partnership with AT&T to allow the public to sample the augmented reality device. But what's still a mystery is exactly what the overall nature of the relationship with AT&T means for the near-term future of the device.

Although the Magic Leap One is effectively a mobile device, it currently doesn't require a wireless phone carrier, rather, its connection to the internet is achieved via Wi-Fi. Therefore, the likely path of the relationship is some kind of wireless package for a future, more consumer-focused version of the Magic Leap One.

It's unlikely that Donovan will announce any huge news at the event, but his presentation may help to shed a bit more light on how AT&T and Magic Leap will work together.

The free event will held on Oct. 9 and 10 in Los Angeles. Those interested in attending can apply for an invite on Magic Leap's website.

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