News: Storing & Transporting Magic Leap One Safely Works with This Affordable VR Case

Storing & Transporting Magic Leap One Safely Works with This Affordable VR Case

In recent days, I've twice talked about brining the Magic Leap One out into the world with me to test its mobile capabilities. But you may have been wondering how I carried the device with me. Did I just stuff my brand new $2,300, hard to obtain device in a backpack and hit the road? Hardly.

Instead, I found a solution right under my nose in the form of the Hard EVA Travel Case for Oculus Rift VR from Hermitshell. Earlier this year, I purchased the case so I could take my Oculus Rift with me on a trip. But it turns out, I never used it, and now we have the Oculus Go, so the case sat unused, until now.

Image by Adario Strange/Next Reality

The Magic Leap One's Lightwear and Lightpack fit perfect into one side of the case, and its associated Control unit and power cords fit nicely into the pouch on the other side of the case.

Also, the case has a hard shell, so in most situations (I wouldn't stuff this into an airline luggage bin), it acts as a protective cocoon for your precious new augmented reality device.

Image by Adario Strange/Next Reality

Aside from offering some backstory on how I've been handling the device out in the field, I'm also posting this because I've already seen a few requests from Magic Leap One owners looking for an augmented reality device carrying case.

Until there's a dedicated company, or Magic Leap offers its own, this is the best thing I've found. And the kicker is that, compared to the device's price tag, it's fairly cheap, at just $39.99.

Image by Adario Strange/Next Reality

I was also at a loss for how to store the Magic Leap One. I couldn't just keep Magic Leap's giant box around, putting the device in it whenever not in use. That's just not practical. For a while, I just left it on my desk and draped a soft cloth over the lens portion to keep dust from settling on it. But that wasn't practical either.

However, the case is perfect, not only in terms of size, but it's interior is also lined with durable soft fabric that allows me to stop worrying about contact with the device's lenses while it's not in use.

Image by Adario Strange/Next Reality

This is the part where I make sure to tell you that none of this is a guarantee that this bag will protect your Magic Leap One in all situations. And Magic Leap hasn't mentioned approval for "any" carrying case, so use this carrying case with your pricey new AR device at your own risk.

Personally, with its light weight, attached handles, and included shoulder strap, this is how I plan to transport my Magic Leap One for the foreseeable future.

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Cover image by Adario Strange/Next Reality

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