News: Medivis App for Magic Leap One & HoloLens Lets You Study the Human Anatomy in Augmented Reality

Medivis App for Magic Leap One & HoloLens Lets You Study the Human Anatomy in Augmented Reality

Not content to merely assist surgeons via the HoloLens, Medivis has expanded its augmented reality suite to Magic Leap One with an app for medical students.

On Thursday, the medical software company unveiled AnatomyX, an enterprise-level augmented reality platform for the HoloLens and the Magic Leap One targeting universities and teaching hospitals for the purpose of anatomy, physiology and pathology studies.

Image via Medivis

The platform supplies detailed 3D models of more than 5,000 anatomical structures rendered from CT and MRI data from real patients. Students can interact with the models via hand gestures and more than 100 voice commands. Using the Magic Leap One, users can also leverage the 6DoF controller to manipulate the models.

"AnatomyX has evolved from an app to a rich platform for the interactive study of human anatomy," said Jennifer Esposito, vice president of health at Magic Leap, in a statement.

"[The app]pushes the boundaries of Magic Leap's technology — incorporating unique interaction elements and user sensing capabilities to provide students and instructors an innovative platform to learn and teach. We're thrilled to be a part of Medivis' journey as they take anatomy education to new heights."

Image via Medivis

In addition, AnatomyX boasts secure account creation that enables access by students, professors, and administrators as well as the storage of test results and class analytics. The platform's multiuser mode supports up to 20 users at the same time, which makes it ideal for observing activities such as virtual dissection.

The company has already reported positive results through initial AnatomyX pilot programs. Among students who participated, 90% experienced reported an improved understanding of the subject matter and a better classroom experience.

Image via Medivis

Last month, Medivis also closed a $2.3 million funding round to help it introduce apps like SurgicalAR, which enables surgeons to view medical imaging data through the HoloLens.

In fact, Medivis is the latest in a long line of software companies leveraging the HoloLens for medical solutions. Therefore, the availability of AnatomyX on Magic Leap One will help Magic Leap keep up with the HoloLens in these crucial early days of the developing enterprise AR market. Moreover, this kind of software could serve to introduce AR hardware to the next wave of medical professionals, whose familiarity with one headset or another may further influence adoption of these AR platforms in practical environments.

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Cover image via Medivis

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