News: Magic Leap Seems to Be Partnering with Alibaba on a Shopping App

Magic Leap Seems to Be Partnering with Alibaba on a Shopping App

We've seen how mixed and augmented reality can offer better shopping experiences for consumers, and even how Magic Leap wants to make advertising a non-intrusive experience. So it's no surprise that Magic Leap seems to have partnered up with Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba—one of their largest investors—to create an augmented reality shopping app.

You can see the app in action in the video above (or by watching here or here). Ben Lang over at RoadToVR explains how it works:

Using voice commands, the user in the video measures the available space and is then presented with several options which will fit. She's able to preview the products such that they're convincingly inserted into the real world. After trying out a cloud lamp and giraffe lamp, she opts to buy the latter, and we can see the lamp animate to confirm the purchase.

Images via NetEase

While it looks and sounds like a useful and fun shopping experience, and more practical than Alibaba's Buy+ VR shopping app for Taobao, we currently have no idea how this will take form.

Magic Leap nor Alibaba has announced any details on how this app will be used or what device they used to demo it (all we know is that it was recorded directly from "Magic Leap technology"). Right now, we just know they're making it and how it will work, which is more detail than we usually get with Magic Leap. After all, it wouldn't be their demo without a good, generous side of mystery.

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Cover image via Magic Leap

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