News: Brainlab Prescribes Magic Leap as Cure for Visualizing Medical Imaging Data, Lumin Updates Pushed to Devs

Brainlab Prescribes Magic Leap as Cure for Visualizing Medical Imaging Data, Lumin Updates Pushed to Devs

While many of the latest content partnerships announced by Magic Leap appear to lean towards entertainment and gaming, a new partnership with medical technology provider Brainlab has Magic Leap getting down to more serious business.

The companies have arrived at an exclusive agreement where Brainlab will adapt its medical software capabilities, such as data management, cloud computing, and data visualization, for the Magic Leap One and market the hardware and software combination to doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals. The partnership will also be open to third-party developers interesting in creating applications for surgery, radiotherapy, and other medical areas.

"The combination of Brainlab and Magic Leap can be meaningful in empowering physicians to improve the quality of interventional solutions," said Rony Abovitz, founder and CEO of Magic Leap, in a statement. "Together we hope to positively impact the lives of millions of people around the world."

Initially, the solution from Brainlab and Magic Leap will simulate minimally-invasive radiology procedures in office environments, with future releases expanding the capabilities to operating rooms, radiotherapy treatment rooms, intensive care rooms, and radiology suites. Ultimately, anything in the realm of management, visualization, augmentation, and navigation of medical imaging data is fair game.

"Truly unique and first-of-its-kind, our operating system will enable anyone to integrate multi-dimensional virtual data into real-world clinical workflows, driving precision, productivity and an intuitive user experience," said Stefan Vilsmeier, founder and CEO of Brainlab. "We will deploy mixed reality and machine learning to capture vital data that will allow physicians to optimize their procedures for every patient."

Although augmented reality has the potential to positively impact practically any profession, the healthcare field is one field where viewing complex imaging data in 3D can be particularly useful in helping practitioners actually save lives. We've already seen the HoloLens used to assist with surgeries and other medical practices, so Magic Leap should be similarly suited to the task.

In other Magic Leap news, the company has released Lumin SDK 0.17 and Lumin OS 0.92. The former is available now through the Magic Leap Package Manager; the latter will be pushed to users over the next few days through an over-the-air update, but impatient Magic Leap One owners can download now the update through the Creator Portal.

Along with some improvements and bug fixes, the updates bring an interesting addition to the Interaction Toolkit called IX Walker. This new feature enables users to record spatial experiences from the Magic Leap One frame-by-frame and play them back from a third-person point of view.

A full list of changes and features is available to registered Creators via the Creator Portal.

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