News: Moschino & H&M Harness the Power of Magic Leap One to Intro Augmented Reality to the Fashion World

Moschino & H&M Harness the Power of Magic Leap One to Intro Augmented Reality to the Fashion World

Magic Leap has already entered the realm of entertainment and enterprise, but on now it has blazed its way into a new augmented reality frontier: fashion.

On Wednesday, Moschino and H&M held a fashion show in New York City that, in addition to the traditional runway model vamping, included an AR fashion presentation powered by the Magic Leap One.

Compared to some of the other Magic Leap One experiences, this one, developed by Stockholm, Sweden-based Warpin Media, is fairly minimalist. But it nevertheless offers a peek at what's possible when moving the AR headset into the world of high fashion. More importantly, the AR content (seen in the video below) perfectly mirrors the whimsical yet unmistakable style of Moschino's long-established brand.

"This was an immersive fashion experience where you could step into the world of Moschino. Inside you could explore the collection, but also [experience] fun and interactive digital content connected to the campaign," Emma Ridderstad, the co-founder of Warpin Media, told Next Reality. "We were an early developer on Magic Leap so we have worked closely with them. [During the event] we had about 15 headsets running."

Images via Warpin Media

The experience begins with users stepping into a room fashioned as a giant television set. While walking around the room, Magic Leap One wearers can interact with virtual items from the Moschino tv H&M collaboration. Part of the 8-minute experience includes the Magic Leap One's hand tracking tech, which allows the users to "touch" the virtual objects floating around the room and situated on podiums.

What's most apparent in the images taken at the event is that the Magic Leap One looks surprisingly at home amongst fashionistas. But wait, haven't we been here before? Many years ago, Google also tried its hand at mixing high fashion with AR by teaming with Diane von Furstenberg for a Google Glass fashion show.

At the time, the pairing seemed not only futuristic, but possibly a perfect match in terms of a next-gen, mobile tech accessory. Alas, the public largely rejected Google Glass due to style and privacy concerns. However, the much more relevant issue with Google Glass was an insane price ($1,500) for a fairly subpar experience. That's not the case with the Magic Leap One.

While the experience may not live up to some of the hype fostered by the company for years, thus disappointing various reviewers, it's becoming clear that the device is the best wearable AR experience commercially available. And as the photos from last night prove, once you get used to the look, the headset, in combination with the shoulder strap, can actually look pretty chic.

Images via Warpin Media

"H&M is committed to the future of fashion and to being at the forefront of technology," said Anna Tillberg Pantzar, head of H&M's Laboratory Group.

"Magic Leap along with Warpin are the perfect partners to allow us to innovate in this space. We will invite guests to experience fashion like never have before. For the Moschino tv H&M global launch, we utilized this technology for a creative experience, but we are also looking at ways to apply it to our business in the future."

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Cover image via Warpin Media

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