News: Magic Leap Conference Videos Dive Deeper into Medical, Audio, & AR Cloud Uses for Magic Leap One

Magic Leap Conference Videos Dive Deeper into Medical, Audio, & AR Cloud Uses for Magic Leap One

It turns out that attending the L.E.A.P. conference last month may have mostly been best for demoing the Magic Leap One in person, as the company has now uploaded the majority of the insider panels held at the event in Los Angeles.

Just a day after releasing an initial set of three panels held at the free event for registered attendees, Magic Leap has posted an additional five videos that give developers, creators, and end users a deeper understanding of what the company is moving toward as a platform.

Perhaps the most fascinating video is the session devoted to using the Magic Leap One for medical purposes. One presentation, delivered by Skip Rizzo, the director of the Medical Virtual Reality lab at University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies (USC ICT), and Arno Hartholt, the director of R&D integration at USC ICT and CTO at HIA Technologies, exposed the audience to a Magic Leap app called VITA (virtual interactive training agent).

By using virtual humans, the app works to help high functioning persons on the autism spectrum to train themselves for successful job interviews. The video demo was a powerful example of how Magic Leap One can transcend dynamics like gaming and mere media consumption. The VITA demo also provided an alternative way to view the kind of virtual humans as presented by Magic Leap's MICA app.

Later, during the same session, Stefan Vilsmeier, the founder and CEO of Brainlab, showed off how the Magic Leap One can be used during surgery to visualize internal organs to help surgeons improve their work.

Another particularly useful session was the "Best Practices for Working With Unity and Magic Leap" panel. The session featured several Magic Leap engineers and designers going through some of the specifics of how input and output works on the Magic Leap One, and how to optimize apps to harness those interactions (via the controller, hand gestures, head poses, and eye gazes). Update: Magic Leap seems to have taken down this video.

And for those who may have been left somewhat confused by Magic Leap's keynote session addressing the Magicverse (AR cloud layers on a city scale), the "City to World-Scale, XR Destinations" panel is a must watch.

Moderated by Magic Leap's John Gaeta (the man who helped bring us The Matrix movies), the panel included Bei Yang, the creative technologies leader at Disney Imagineering, Niantic's CTO, Phil Keslin, and Nancy Bennett, the chief creative officer at Two Bit Circus.

Also available are presentations from Robin Hunicke, the co-founder of Funomena ("Creativity for Emerging Platforms"), as well as the "Creating Spatial Audio for Magic Leap" panel, featuring Magic Leap staff along with Weta Workshop audio designer Stephanie Engelbrecht, Paul Corley from Sigur Rós, and Bill Rudolph, an audio designer at Skywalker Sound.

I've read a couple of rather cynical reviews of the L.E.A.P. event, but these videos prove that it wasn't just a promotional event for Magic Leap's products, it was a sincere and well produced historic gathering devoted to investigating the future of augmented reality.

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Cover image via Magic Leap/YouTube

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