News: Magic Leap Launches App Creator Grant Program Awarding Up to $500,000 in Funding

Magic Leap Launches App Creator Grant Program Awarding Up to $500,000 in Funding

On Thursday, Magic Leap decided to step up its efforts to foster its developer community by launching the Independent Creator Program.

The program is designed to encourage developers and producers to create apps for the Magic Leap One, with the payoff being $20,000 to $500,000 in grant funding, along with technical and marketing support from the company.

"Ever dreamt of having access to a MoCap/VolCap studio? How about having your idea featured in retail stores? Funding from Magic Leap opens up the possibility for grant recipients to access our full range of partners and resources," reads the announcement on Magic Leap's website.

"Just because you're a pioneer, doesn't mean you should go it alone. With 1:1 guidance from our Developer Relations team, support from Magic Leap's subject matter experts, and even QA testing, if you receive a grant, we'll work with you through launch."

The program emphasizes that the intellectual property created while working in the program "is not" exclusive to the Magic Leap platform, which should allay any concerns that a developer might be locked into a walled garden if their project draws wider interest. That approach also applies to profits earned, as 100% of any revenue generated by a winning project will be kept by the creator.

In addition to funding, winning grant recipients will also receive Magic Leap One devices for use while creating their projects.

According to the grant guidelines, grantees will be selected based on "originality, use case, your team's technical capability and diversity, project scope and feasibility, and to what extent your concept encourages user engagement."

The deadline for applying is Dec. 15, and winners will be announced by Feb. 15, 2019.

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