News: Magic Leap Announces L.E.A.P. Conference Dates in Los Angeles for First Developer & Partner Event

Magic Leap Announces L.E.A.P. Conference Dates in Los Angeles for First Developer & Partner Event

Magic Leap has been promising to launch a developer conference for years, and now the company is finally making good on that promise. On Wednesday, Magic Leap sent out the official announcement for its first L.E.A.P. conference, which will be held in Los Angeles in October.

In recent days, the company's CEO Rony Abovitz hinted that an event was coming, but now we have details.

Billed as the company's "first ever Conference for creators, developers, partners and pioneers from all over the world," the conference is free of charge and will include a keynote event, workshops, demos, networking, and social events. For those wondering, the L.E.A.P. acronym stands for learn, engage, accelerate, and program.

Normally, these kinds of conference events are announced well in advance, so the sudden near-term scheduling makes the gathering seem hastily organized. (Even if this was in the works for a year, giving developers and fans a mere month's notice is rough.)

Nevertheless, Magic Leap apparently thinks the community is small enough that sending out an announcement a little over a month before it kicks off should be sufficient to draw attendees. If some estimates of 3,000 devices sold are even close, then Magic Leap's event will likely be fairly small and intimate compared to conferences from the likes of Apple and Microsoft.

The specific dates are Oct. 9 and 10, and the company is offering a limited number of hotel rooms at a special rate on a first come first served basis. Beyond that, the exact details of the conference's event schedule remain a mystery.

But if you're interested in attending, then you can visit the L.E.A.P. conference registration page, or send an email to

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