News: Magic Leap to Launch Twitch Channel Featuring Developer Tutorials, Updates & Interviews

Magic Leap to Launch Twitch Channel Featuring Developer Tutorials, Updates & Interviews

Although Magic Leap's founder Rony Abovitz has a lot to say about his product, what people really want are visuals, and it looks like we're about to get a lot more of those in the coming weeks. In a post on Magic Leap's official announcements forum page, the company revealed that it plans to begin a monthly livestream series on Twitch.

The show, called Magic Leap Live, will kick off on May 2 at 2 p.m. ET and feature live tutorials, interviews with people "doing work in spatial computing," spotlights on independent developers creating content for the Magic Leap One: Creator Edition, as well as general updates from the Creator Portal.

The first episode will feature Magic Leap's own Brian Schwab, who works in the company's interaction lab, and he'll be "sharing design best practices for spatial computing."

Magic Leap has been playing a long game of cat and mouse with the press for years now, requiring non-disclosure agreements to be signed in order to see the hardware in action, and refuting any reports that paint the device in a negative light. Given that history, it makes perfect sense that the company would attempt to take control of the narrative by launching its own information stream.

Of course, the biggest question for anyone tuning in will be: Will we actually get to see someone using the Magic Leap One: Creator Edition? Or will this just be a regular series software-focused videos that do little to illuminate the ongoing mystery of what the actual hardware is like to work with?

My bet is on the latter, but if the company does decide to make the hardware an integral part of the broadcasts, it will come as a pleasant surprise.

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