News: Insomniac Games Unveils Strangelets Game for Magic Leap One, the Follow Up to Seedling

Insomniac Games Unveils Strangelets Game for Magic Leap One, the Follow Up to Seedling

The end of year surprises keep on flowing from the Plantation, Florida offices of Magic Leap.

This time, it's yet another game from the company's old partner Insomniac Games, and it's called Strangelets.

In the game, a character by the name of "Bulby" guides the player around their real-world environment to search for portals to other dimensions. Once those portals are discovered, the player is prompted rescue a wide array of alien characters from the portal.

The game continues the world of the previously released Magic Leap game Seedling, which explored a universe that was ripped apart during an event called "The Schmelling Incident."

Image by Insomniac Games/YouTube

"After the launch of Seedling, our small team of spatial computing pioneers were more inspired than ever by the potential of this new platform," said Nathaniel Bell, the creative director for Strangelets and Seedling, in a statement.

"We were ready to dive headfirst into our next experimental experience and to continue collaborating with our passionate partners at Magic Leap. Our goal moving forward was to build on lessons learned from Seedling and to venture into new territories of spatial computing not yet experienced by players."

Like Seedling, Strangelets isn't free, it costs $4.99 per download on the Magic Leap World app store.

We have yet to put the game through its paces, but based on the trailer, it seems the game takes advantage of the same spatial computing features of the first game from the studio in that it utilizes as much of the space and structures around your home to make the experience more immersive.

And while the Magic Leap One is primarily a device geared toward developers and creatives, the release of the game just before Christmas indicates that maybe Magic Leap and Insomniac Games are hoping for a little holiday boost.

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Cover image via Insomniac Games/YouTube

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