News: Rovio's Mobile Gaming Classic Angry Birds Comes to Augmented Reality via Magic Leap One

Rovio's Mobile Gaming Classic Angry Birds Comes to Augmented Reality via Magic Leap One

Less than three weeks after Rovio Entertainment announced the game, the augmented reality adaptation of Angry Birds is now available for the Magic Leap One.

Released in conjunction with the L.E.A.P. Conference, Angry Birds FPS: First Person Slingshot is now available as a free download from Magic leap's website for owners of the augmented reality headset.

Image by Resolution Games/YouTube

"It's great to offer Angry Birds fans a completely new and unforeseen way to play the beloved Angry Birds," said Kati Levoranta, CEO at Rovio Entertainment. "Resolution Games has done an excellent job at developing the Angry Birds to Magic Leap One. We're always looking for opportunities to expand to new technologies and platforms, and Angry Birds FPS is an exciting step forward into the future of gaming."

Resolution Games, the app's developer, equipped the Magic Leap One version of the game with 28 levels, with no in-app purchases necessary.

"Our primary focus is not on app sale revenues as much as innovating and being a part of an emerging platform," said a Rovio spokesperson, in a statement provided to Next Reality. "For example, the original Angry Birds was an innovation build on a platform which was new and not yet fully utilized (the iPhone), so we want to be part of something that may be the future of gaming."

Image by Resolution Games/YouTube

The game is immediately familiar to anyone who has played Angry Birds on a mobile device, but it also takes full advantage of the spatial computing capabilities of the Magic Leap One to reimagine the game from a first-person perspective. Players place each pig fort in their physical environment and can walk around it to formulate their strategy for tackling the puzzle. As each fort implodes, the pieces bounce of real world objects in the vicinity.

Players take aim at each fort with the device's controller, with a score multiplier applied based on distance. Additionally, players can command the basic red bird as well as the yellow and blue birds (whose superpowers are activated mid-flight by the controller's trigger).

"Rovio has established an incredibly successful and beloved entertainment franchise with Angry Birds. By taking Angry Birds to Magic Leap's spatial computing platform, we're giving fans one of the most engaging, interactive and immersive experiences possible," said Tommy Palm, CEO of Resolution Games.

"It really is quite remarkable that in 2018 we're able to use full spatial gameplay and light field technology to enjoy these classic game mechanics and characters in our own environments. Angry Birds FPS: First Person Slingshot demonstrates the true impact mixed reality technologies can have on the games industry."

Image by Resolution Games/YouTube

Angry Birds FPS joins Weta Workshop's Dr. Grordbort's Invaders, which is also being released at the L.E.A.P. conference, as one of the first games available for the Magic Leap One. Based on my experience with the pre-release build of Angry Birds FPS, I can say that it's a steal at the low price of free.

While the Magic Leap One's app library is still relatively sparse, Magic Leap is currently focused on nurturing the developer community and striking content deals with content producers in order to make more content available, a necessary move to prepare the platform for mainstream adoption when the company's consumer edition of the AR headset arrives.

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