News: Magic Leap Teaser for Dr. Grordbort's Invaders Previews Forthcoming Release During L.E.A.P. Conference

Magic Leap Teaser for Dr. Grordbort's Invaders Previews Forthcoming Release During L.E.A.P. Conference

Magic Leap One owners with itchy trigger fingers may have their itch scratched next week, as Magic Leap has shared a brief teaser on Twitter for the long-awaited Dr. Grordbort's Invaders game from Weta Workshop.

The video concludes with the Magic Leap logo and the hashtag #leapcon. It just so happens that the L.E.A.P. Conference, Magic Leap's first-ever developers conference, kicks off next week, on Oct. 9, the same day the game is scheduled for release.

Image by Magic Leap/Twitter

You'll recall that Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz pulled a similar preview move before by foreshadowing the launch of the Magic Leap One on Twitter eight days in advance.

For those without the hardware to try the game when it's released, the game will also be demoed at next week's event, as Weta Workshop is leading two sessions about the game at the conference according to the published schedule.

The game's existence dates back to Magic Leap's first demo video released in 2015. While it turns out that video was the result of some computer-generated tomfoolery, Weta Workshop confirmed earlier this year that it was, in fact, releasing the game in 2018. In between the announcement of the Magic Leap One Creator Edition late last year and its actual release on Aug. 8, Magic Leap has also teased its existence with game imagery throughout its website and on the Creator Portal.

However, on the hardware's launch day, we found that the first-person shooter, featuring the voices of Stephen Fry and Rhys Darby, was not yet ready for prime time, but was still promised to arrive in 2018.

Image by Magic Leap/Twitter

Thankfully, the teaser remains true to the original demo video. The steampunk-inspired game, based on the comic book about the game's titular character, spawns enemies within the player's environment based on the world mesh generated by the Lumin OS. The Controller appears as a blaster in the player's point of view, a trick I've seen in person through my demo of Angry Birds: FPS.

Magic Leap owners have been taunted by the placeholder logo for the Dr. Grordbort's Invaders game in the app launcher for nearly two months now. With the relative dearth of content available for the device, something new to play with will be a welcome sight.

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Cover image via Magic Leap/Twitter

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