News: First Footage of Magic Leap's Music App with Sigur Rós Revealed

First Footage of Magic Leap's Music App with Sigur Rós Revealed

On Monday morning, secretive augmented reality startup Magic Leap revealed a collaboration with Icelandic music group Sigur Rós. But the story detailing the app didn't reveal anything more than a still image of the interactive Tónandi app, leaving most of us to use to our imaginations in terms of visualizing how it worked.

But not anymore, we found footage of it in action.

Image by Sigur Ros/Instagram

"After four years under wraps, we are more than excited to finally go public about our relationship with Magic Leap," wrote the group in an Instagram post revealed hours after the initial news broke. "Even now, though, we are still at the very inception of a project with near unlimited potential for creativity and fun. Thanks to [Magic Leap CEO] Rony Abowitz for daring to dream and his amazing team at magic leap for bringing the future one step closer."

That message is accompanied by the first footage we've seen of the app, and it lives up to the psychedelic descriptions offered earlier in the day. Situated in a living room setting, the scene appears to show a jellyfish-like creature swimming in air as a colorful, living scenery rooting to the tabletop undulates as if underwater.

There's no audio included in the footage, but the visual is an incredibly rare and tantalizing glimpse at what Magic Leap has been working on. There's still no word on when the public will get to try it, but this preview will likely generate another round of excitement for the company that has already raised nearly $2 billion in investments without even releasing a public-facing product.

Update: They've also uploaded the video to YouTube:

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Cover image via Sigur Rós/YouTube

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The way the coffee table occludes the "reeds" behind its upper left corner looks pretty sharp and accurate. That said, I'm disappointed to see that they're using a fixed camera angle for the demo footage, making it hard to tell if it's really that good, or if it's just an optimized demo.

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