News: Magic Leap Partner Weta Workshop Confirms Shooter Game Coming in 2018

Magic Leap Partner Weta Workshop Confirms Shooter Game Coming in 2018

A controversial video from Magic Leap's past has once again surfaced, but this time it comes with a lot more credibility and a good bit of excitement around the Magic Leap One headset.

New Zealand's Weta Workshop has revealed that it will release the game "Dr. Grordbort's: Invaders" in partnership with Magic Leap later this year.

The first preview we had of the game was way back in 2015, in a Magic Leap concept video that many had been led to believe was an actual view of the headset and its software in action. Later reports revealed that the footage was not, in fact, shot though Magic Leap (as subsequent demo footage was). But now, none of that matters anymore, because we're about to get the real thing.

Image by Magic Leap/YouTube

"The first time I tried mixed reality one of Dr. Grordbort's: Invaders robots was flying around and I had my hand out and I started to feel a tickling on my palm and it got really itchy, I had to scratch it. It was so bizarre," Hayley Gray, an executive producer at Weta Gameshop, told Games Radar, the site that revealed the impending release of the game.

Weta's reveal comes just a month after the studio posted a job listing looking for a Technical Sound Designer to work on what it described as a "Mixed Reality Lightfield game."

The game, based on the comic book world of Dr. Grordbort, is a steampunk-style first-person shooter that will (at least based on early footage) allow Magic Leap users to battle robots and other foes in the real world via augmented reality.

"The partnership is a really perfect match," Gray told the site. "Because it brings together the physical from Weta Workshop and the digital from Magic Leap, and that's really what mixed reality is."

The famously secretive Magic Leap team hasn't revealed when, exactly, the game will be available, but the fact that Weta Workshop representatives are saying it will be this year, we can now also assume (hope?) that the Magic Leap One: Creator Edition will actually make it to the public before December.

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Cover image via Magic Leap/YouTube

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