News: Magic Leap Shows Off Spatial Computing Demo, FCC Docs Reveal New Controller Images

Magic Leap Shows Off Spatial Computing Demo, FCC Docs Reveal New Controller Images

Magic Leap just did something it didn't do during its recent Twitch hardware demo: show us some new demo footage of what augmented reality really looks like through the Magic Leap One.

During this week's Unite Berlin conference, an event dedicated to Unity developers, Magic Leap's Brian Schwab and Aleissia Laidacker, two of the company's Interaction Lab experts, took to the stage for a special presentation.

Image by Unity & Magic Leap/YouTube

The session was an opportunity for Magic Leap to show developers some of the capabilities of the Magic Leap One and walk attendees through some of the best practices when designing AR experiences for the device.

Image by Unity & Magic Leap/YouTube

Titled "Spatial Computing, Bringing Pixels to the Real World," the presentation included a number of operational explanations, anecdotes from early testing phases, and advice for optimizing spatial computing content for the new platform.

Image by Unity & Magic Leap/YouTube

But the biggest treat came when Magic Leap showed off a sample of AR interaction using a 3D character. Laidacker narrated as a series of video clips showed off how characters can be designed to interact with a real-world environment and objects, and even demonstrated real-time interactions between virtual characters and a Magic Leap One user.

Starting midway through a four-hour series of talks (Magic Leap's part starts at the 3 hour 45-minute mark), the session is a great peek at how Magic Leap developers will be crafting spatial computing experiences in the coming months and years.

Images via FCC

And speaking of impending releases, on Thursday, we also discovered an FCC filing from Magic Leap that includes close-up images of the handheld controller included in the Magic Leap One system.

The filing also includes details that confirm that the device has been tested for certification from UL, the independent testing lab many device makers use to test the safety of their hardware products before commercial release.

The appearance of these documents and images give us the strongest indication that the launch of the Magic Leap One is imminent. If you've been waiting to get you hands on one, get your wallets ready, the time is, apparently, very near.

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Cover image via Unity & Magic Leap/YouTube

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