News: Magic Leap Shows Off New Software Demo, Teases Release This Summer

Magic Leap Shows Off New Software Demo, Teases Release This Summer

After weeks of teasing what many hoped might be a live, on-device demo of Magic Leap software to go along with the hardware glimpse we got last month, it turns out that all we got was a bit of new demonstration video footage.

Once again hosted by Alan Noon, a senior learning resources technical artist at Magic Leap, the show was joined by the company's "chief game wizard" Graeme Devine.

Together, along with Coleman Bryant, senior user interaction engineer at the company's Interaction Lab, the team showed off one of the interactive lessons provided for developers created to help establish best practices for designing augmented reality experiences on the Magic Leap One.

Image by Magic Leap/Twitch

Called "Dodge," the experience features a golem character that pops out from different locations around the room and tosses rocks at the wearer of the Magic Leap One.

In addition to visual cues, spatial audio also allows the wearer to detect which locations the golem emerges from around the real world setting.

Image by Magic Leap/Twitch

The initial demonstration shows how the user can place appearance portals for the golem around the room that are located within the system's WorldMesh dynamic. During the placement, the mapping of the real world objects in the room allows the software to tell you when you have or haven't correctly placed an element in a location in the real world regarding anchoring content.

Another part of the demo showed off the system's hand tracking capabilities, which at one point allow allowed the user to block one of the rocks thrown at thrown by the column character.

Image by Magic Leap/Twitch

On the hardware side, we also learned that the Magic Leap One uses an Nvidia Tegra X2 processor (a Parker GPU, based on Pascal 256 CUDA cores), and two ARM A57 cores, with one Denver core dedicated to apps. Along with the demo and hardware specifications, the team also casually revealed that the device would be shipping "later this summer," rather than "sometime this year," a repeated phrase that had led some to think we might not see the device offered for sale until December.

So although the demo may not have been as groundbreaking as some might have hoped, it looks like we won't have to wait much longer to get our hands on the device itself.

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Cover image via Magic Leap/Twitch

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