News: Magic Leap & SK Telecom Seal Exclusive Wireless Partnership for South Korean Market

Magic Leap & SK Telecom Seal Exclusive Wireless Partnership for South Korean Market

As Magic Leap continues to spread its influence in the US with the help of wireless carrier AT&T, the augmented reality startup is also working its way into East Asia.

This week, Magic Leap announced a partnership with SK Telecom that will make the South Korean telecom giant the exclusive wireless partner for the AR company in the country.

"Magic Leap is delighted to partner with SK Telecom, as we forge relationships with the world's preeminent telecom providers to bring the next generation of computing to people around the globe," said Omar Khan, the chief product officer at Magic Leap, in a statement on the company's website.

"SK Telecom is advancing 5G with extreme speed, stability and security, providing its customers the framework necessary to experience the power of Magic Leap's spatial computing platform."

As one of the three big wireless carriers in South Korea, SK Telecom's involvement with Magic Leap appears to be on par with the startup's AT&T relationship in the US, especially with regard to the roll out of 5G in the region. Although China and Japan get a lot of the attention when it comes to Asian tech trends, the fact is that South Korea is usually listed in the top 10 when it comes to the fastest mobile and fixed lined internet speeds on the planet.

From professional online gaming teams on down to normal smartphone owners, South Korean users are accustomed to only the best when it comes to wireless service, so Magic Leap's deal will give it a boost in terms of entering the mainstream of enterprise and entertainment deployments in the country.

Although there are no official product or service announcements tied to the deal, much like the AT&T pairing, the SK Telecom partnership will work to support accelerators, hackathons, and enterprise solutions focused on the Magic Leap platform.

In recent years, SK Telecom has shown a lot of interest in immersive computing, both in the VR and AR space. In fact, the deal with Magic Leap is so new that SK Telecom's 5G concept video, published just one week ago, still uses a HoloLens (first-generation) to show off how AR collaboration in an office setting can work. Based on the new deal, we can probably look forward to new versions of that video (showcasing Magic Leap hardware instead) appearing in the coming months.

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Cover image via SK Telecom

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