News: Magic Leap One Passes Through FCC Certification, Setting the Stage for Imminent Release

Magic Leap One Passes Through FCC Certification, Setting the Stage for Imminent Release

The rite of passage for every tech product, formally known as Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification, has come for the Magic Leap One: Creator Edition.

The approval was stamped today, Friday the 13th (let's hope that's not a bad omen), on an application dated by Magic Leap for July 10, a relatively quick turnaround for any bureaucratic body.

Images via FCC

According to the documentation, the device will include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, but it will not have a cellular radio.

In addition, the documentation gives us the tech version of mugshots for the device.

From the images, it appears that the tether between the Lightwear headset and Lightpack hip-mounted computer is not removable. In addition, what appear to be cooling vents are shown on the underside of the Lightpack module.

Images via FCC

Earlier this week, when AT&T revealed that it would be "the exclusive wireless distributor for Magic Leap consumer products in the US," the announcement included the qualifier "when available for consumers." Furthermore, AT&T declared that Magic Leap One: Creator Edition would ship to "later this year to qualified designers and developers."

Images via FCC

Parsing the language, the implication here is that the Creator Edition may differ from the consumer launch product. However, there is a possibility that AT&T might bundle the ML1 with a wireless hotspot, or perhaps they're referencing an as of yet unannounced 5G-capable Magic Leap Headset. This could be one of the hints Rony Abovitz mentioned on twitter earlier this week about "ML Next". We've reached out to Magic Leap for confirmation.

Nonetheless, FCC certification is one of the final hurdles that Magic Leap needs to cross to begin shipping the device.

Considering that Magic Leap representatives have gone on record that ML1 will ship by the end of summer, it appears that we can expect to learn more about ordering and shipping of the device very soon.

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Cover image via FCC

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