News: Magic Leap's Website Has an Immersive Reality Experience Hidden in Plain Sight, if You Know Where to Look

Magic Leap's Website Has an Immersive Reality Experience Hidden in Plain Sight, if You Know Where to Look

Magic Leap loves to stoke mystery around its still unreleased product, the Magic Leap One: Creator Edition, and now we've found yet another piece of the puzzle in the form of an Easter egg on the company's website.

When you hit one of Magic Leap's 404 error pages, you see a slightly disorganized 3D illustration of "404" along with a light bulb that flashes on and off. Seems like a fairly normal and somewhat clever-looking 404 page. Most people would move along and think nothing of it.

But if you're among the absolutely obsessed Magic Leap followers, like the one on Reddit who discovered the Easter egg, you'll soon find that the 404 page actually hides a portal to a virtual universe full of planets, rocket ships, and flying versions of Magic Leap's logo.

Image via Magic Leap

To get the portal to open, you simply visit the 404 page, hold down your mouse, and then move it around in a circular motion to slowly open up the round entryway into another (virtual) reality. The Easter egg also works on mobile devices when you move your finger around in a circular motion on your smartphone's touchscreen to open the portal.

This kind of whimsical approach to engaging the public has been Magic Leap's style since the very beginning, harkening back to Abovitz's very creative TED talk back in 2013.

But with the product being so close to release, the discovery of this Easter egg will probably lead to new speculation: Is this a preview of a Magic Leap game? Are there even more clues to more information hidden in the space-like environment of the Easter egg? Or is this just misdirection (the foundation of all "magic") to keep fans busy while the company works to get the device ready for sale?

Image via Magic Leap

The answers to those questions will be revealed later this year. But in the meantime, this will likely set hardcore Magic Leap fans off in search of even more Easter eggs and the meanings behind those hidden gems, which is pretty much all you can do if you're not already working on developing for the device using Magic Leap's SDK.

Good hunting, Magic Leap fans, let's hope all this clever attention to detail ultimately turns out to be worth it.

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Cover image via Magic Leap

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