News: Magic Leap Reservation Page, Images Hint at Impending Release

Magic Leap Reservation Page, Images Hint at Impending Release

The Magic Leap One: Creator Edition has been teased for months now, and while we still don't know exactly when the sales will begin, it can't be long now because we've discovered a couple of new hints that the device's launch is imminent, hiding in plain sight on the company's website.

For those who aren't already logged into the Magic Leap creator portal, if you visit "" you'll find a message that reads "Sign In to Magic Leap ID to get your Magic Leap One…"

Image via Magic Leap

Alas, the sales doors haven't been thrown open yet, but a dig through the site's source code indicates that the ordering system may first require you to make a device reservation payment.

This is great news for those looking for confirmation that the Magic Leap One is about to ship. It's horrible news if you're, well, tired of waiting. The reservation page was initially spotted by an eagle-eyed fan on Reddit.

Images via Magic Leap

In addition to the link and reservation page, a few product images are also buried on the site. The high resolution images look similar to images we've seen in certain official Magic Leap documents in the past related to certifying the device with the government on various levels, but these appear to be the commercial versions of the images that will appear on the ordering page once it opens up.

And for those who might be at the end of their rope in terms of waiting for an official announcement, keep in mind that the "later this summer" time period, which is the stated launch window for the Magic Leap One, could technically last all the way up until mid-September, so try to be patient.

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Cover image via Magic Leap

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