News: Magic Leap Adds Sketchfab Support to Its Native Helio Web Browser

Magic Leap Adds Sketchfab Support to Its Native Helio Web Browser

New York-based virtual content startup Sketchfab is usually at the forefront of the latest developments in augmented reality, so it's no surprise that the company has locked in yet another major platform.

Magic Leap has announced that Sketchfab is its first WebXR partner (a feature found in Magic Leap's Lumin OS 0.96), a development that will immediately allow creators to view and directly interact with Sketchfab's vast virtual object library.

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"On the content side, it means there is now a library of over 3,000,000+ 3D models — the largest library of volumetric user generated content — which can be browsed with Magic Leap," said Alban Denoyal, Sketchfab's co-founder and CEO.

Image via Sketchfab

For those unfamiliar with the Magic Leap One platform, that means that owners of the device can use the Helio browser to peruse and then access 3D content from Sketchfab, all while in AR (see the gif, above).

"On the utility side, it means that any 3D creator can explore their own creations on Magic Leap by simply posting it to their Sketchfab account," said Denoyal. "Sketchfab is integrated with most 3D creation tools out there, which means this provides the easiest way to publish from a 3D software to Magic Leap via Sketchfab."

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Cover image via Sketchfab

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