News: Wacom Video Shows Off More of Magic Leap's Upcoming Design & Drawing Software Spacebridge

Wacom Video Shows Off More of Magic Leap's Upcoming Design & Drawing Software Spacebridge

The collaboration between Magic Leap and Wacom, which was first announced during last year's L.E.A.P. conference is progressing rapidly.

And now we have a little more information in the way of a visual demonstration shown off by Nobutaka Ide, Wacom's CEO.

The demo was a part of Ide's roughly 40-minute presentation at last week's CES Asia. During the L.E.A.P. conference in 2018, Ide showed off still images of Wacom users wearing the Magic Leap One while designing in augmented reality.

Image by Wacom/YouTube

"Wacom and Magic Leap are collaborating to define the future of digital design workflows together," said Ide. "Our goal is to provide the best instruments for creative expression and our unique solution, combining precision pen input with spatial computing, will allow creators of all disciplines including animators, industrial designers, game developers and educators to create and collaborate in ways few dreamed possible."

Image by Wacom/YouTube

Then, during the US version of CES in Las Vegas, the company allowed more of the public to try the system out first-hand. Now, Wacom has released a short video that gives the public a peek at what it will be like designing with the Magic Leap One and Wacom.

Image by Wacom/YouTube

The user in the video, Amber Goelst, who works on Wacom's global UX & innovation strategy team, has been working with Magic Leap for some time on the project, which is termed "Project Merlin" in the video.

In the video, Goelst uses a Wacom Intuos Pro with a Pro Pen 3D stylus to directly manipulate a 3D model in her real-world environment, as well as draw on it, resize it, and then draw unconnected notes on the nearby wall, which has been spatially mapped by the Magic Leap One.

Image by Wacom/YouTube

Although the video calls the setup "Project Merlin," the two companies have been formally calling the app Spacebridge. According to Wacom, the app, which was primarily developed by Magic Leap, will allow up to eight users to work together in real time.

There's still no release date or price attached to the software. But when it is released, the creative applications for the dynamic will likely exceed anything currently being envisioned by either company as creators bend the new interaction in new and interesting ways.

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Cover image via Wacom/YouTube

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