News: Magic Leap Drops Video Teaser for Game of Thrones Experience

Magic Leap Drops Video Teaser for Game of Thrones Experience

There are only three more episodes of Game of Thrones left before the saga is over, but Magic Leap is capitalizing on the series' popularity while it still can.

As we've reported in recent weeks, Magic Leap is giving demos of its augmented reality headset at select AT&T stores around the country using its "Dead Must Die" experience, which draws from the Game of Thrones universe. Now the startup has added a new promotional device to further entice consumers to come to stores and give the device a try.

On Monday, Magic Leap posted a trailer that details some of what its Game of Thrones experience looks like.

The trailer is a fairly accurate portrayal of what the Magic Leap setup looks like in stores, which includes the now famous trunk containing a zombie crawling toward the user. Later in the trailer, we see a White Walker emerge from a wall as virtual snow envelopes the user.

Image by Magic Leap/YouTube

The downside is that the trailer doesn't come with the announcement of new locations for fans to try the experience. However, the clip does significantly connect to a particularly poignant plot point in the series that occurred on Sunday (nope, we're not spoiling it, go check it out yourself). The experience was also on offer at last week's Tribeca Film Festival in New York City for a limited time during the film festival.

So far, there are only five publicly promoted AT&T locations offering Magic Leap One demos: California (Westwood, 1100 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA), Texas (Addison Village, 5100 Beltline Road Ste. 1032, Addison, TX 75254), Boston (the Boylston AT&T store), Chicago (the Michigan Avenue AT&T store), and San Francisco (the 1 Powell AT&T store).

There's still no word on when or if the experience will be made available to all Magic Leap One owners, but Magic Leap's chief content officer, Rio Caraeff, says "stay tuned" on that front so that it may show up soon.

If you can't reach any of those store locations, but the new trailer has convinced you to buy one, AT&T has begun selling the device on its official site.

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Cover image via Magic Leap

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