News: Magic Leap Adds More AT&T Retail Stores, Reveals Game of Thrones Fan Swag

Magic Leap Adds More AT&T Retail Stores, Reveals Game of Thrones Fan Swag

The Game of Thrones premiere is fast approaching, and along with it, Magic Leap has begun to unveil some of the fan-centric swag associated with its immersive experience based on the hit TV series.

On Monday, a contributor to the unofficial Game of Thrones fan site Watchers on the Wall received a special Magic Leap box that could become an instant collector's item.

Inside the box, which sports a Magic Leap logo on its front, we see a dagger with a dragon glass blade (the only thing other than Valyrian steel or fire that can kill a white walker in the world of Game of Thrones). Hardcore fans will notice that it looks a lot like the dragon glass blade Jon Snow (one of the protagonists in the series) used to convince Cersei Lannister that the Night King's zombie army is very real.

Along with the dagger, there's a note from Snow, urging the recipient to fight in the Great War, which fans will get to see in just a few days (April 14) on HBO. Although the Twitter user notes that the post is "sponsored," there's still reason to hope that fans may at some point have the opportunity to get their hands on their own Magic Leap box and dragon glass dagger.

Images by Petra Halbur/Twitter

Along with that choice piece of swag going out to select fans, one Magic Leap fan in Chicago — the site of one of the select Magic Leap Game of Thrones experiences — managed to snag an early look at some of the show's props that fans will get to see at that store. He also posted an image of the Magic Leap area where customers will experience the demos.

Images by Luke/Twitter (1, 2)

Those interested in testing the experience out can visit three confirmed AT&T stores for the Magic Leap Game of Thrones experience this week: Boston (the Boylston AT&T store) on April 1, Chicago (the Michigan Avenue AT&T store) on April 3, and San Francisco (the 1 Powell AT&T store) on April 6.

Images via Karen Twomey

Aside from those choice bits of fan service, Magic Leap has also quietly revealed two more stores where consumers can buy the Magic Leap One. The new AT&T retail locations for the Magic Leap One are in California (Westwood, 1100 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA) and Texas (Addison Village, 5100 Beltline Road Ste. 1032, Addison, TX 75254).

Magic Leap's website doesn't give opening dates for either location, only the note that they're "coming soon." There's also no confirmation as to whether to those locations will offer the Game of Thrones immersive experience, but fans can nevertheless pray to The Seven that those stores will include the spatial computing experience in the coming weeks.

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Cover image via HBO

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