News: Magic Leap One Finally Makes the Jump from Fantasy to Reality, Pre-Orders Open for $2,295

Magic Leap One Finally Makes the Jump from Fantasy to Reality, Pre-Orders Open for $2,295

The day has finally come. About eight months after unveiling Magic Leap One: Creator Edition, on Wednesday, Magic Leap made the device available for order through a reservation page on its website.

The package includes the Lightwear headset, Lightpack wearable computer, and the Control handheld controller, all of which Magic Leap showed off via a Twitch livestream in June.

The timeline for shipping is "within 120 days, but typically much sooner" from placing a pre-order, with a $200 reservation fee, which is applied towards the final purchase price attached.

Image via Magic Leap

Along with making the device available for order, Magic Leap confirmed the hardware specs and field of view (or viewing frustum, in Magic Leap's parlance) that were previously uncovered by Next Reality.

Lightpack runs on an NVIDIA Parker SOC with a pair of Denver 2.0 64-bit CPU cores plus a quartet of ARM Cortex A57 64-bit cores, with half of each set available for applications. For GPU, it packs an Nvidia Pascal with 256 CUDA cores.

Lightpack's storage capacity is 128GB, with about 95GB available for applications, and device memory is 8GB with 4GB accessible by apps. The device gets about three hours of mobile usage via its battery, with a 45-watt USB-C power module for stationary use included in the package. Meanwhile, the Control unit runs about seven hours on its battery, with a 15-watt USB-C charger packed in.

The viewing frustum measures 40 degrees on the horizontal plane, 30 degrees on the vertical, and 50 degrees on the diagonal, resulting in a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Nearly four years after Magic Leap emerged from stealth, we finally get to see what $2.3 billion in funding buys.

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Cover image via Magic Leap

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