News: Price, Pre-Order & Ship Date for Magic Leap One Creator Edition

Price, Pre-Order & Ship Date for Magic Leap One Creator Edition

With the big reveal of the Magic Leap One: Creator Edition on Wednesday, we no longer have to speculate as to what the augmented reality headset will look like or when (in general) it will be available.

However, because Magic Leap left out a few important details, for now, we're left to use all the other information on hand to speculate as to what the device will cost, when we can pre-order it, and how long it will take to receive one. So let's dive in!

Image via Magic Leap

Price: Previous reports have cited sources who claim the device will cost between $1,500 and $2,000. That report was also closest to correctly nailing the size of the device (larger than a pair of glasses, smaller than a VR headset) and its configuration (tethered to a wearable computer). Considering that the Meta 2 comes in at $1,495 as a tethered headset, we're expecting a price that's closer to $2,000 for Magic Leap One.

Pre-order: The afore-mentioned report also claimed that the device would ship within six months in limited quantities. That was in October, giving us a shipping date of sometime around April 2018. So now, based on previous reports, the company has four months to organize a big launch event, release the SDK, open up pre-orders, and then ship the devices. That's seems ambitious, even for a company with almost $2 billion in investment cash. Therefore, the April time window seems a likelier target for pre-orders rather than any shipping of the actual product.

Image via Magic Leap

Release: In big, bold font, Magic Leap states that the Creator Edition will ship in 2018. CEO Rony Abovitz has also previously said that 2017 was going to be a "big year" for Magic Leap, but the company's biggest milestone didn't occur until less than two weeks from the end of 2017. That's why we expect the device to ship in December 2018.

We'll update you as we know more.

Do you think we're on the mark? We'll take friendly (non-monetary) wagers on these guesstimates in the comments below.

Cover image via Magic Leap

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