News: Star Wars Baby Yoda Unofficially Comes to Magic Leap via This Developer Experiment

Star Wars Baby Yoda Unofficially Comes to Magic Leap via This Developer Experiment

The first season of Star Wars: The Mandalorian may be over, but the love for its biggest star, Baby Yoda, persists.

And while Disney wasn't able to get Baby Yoda toys to fans in time for the gift-giving season, there's still at least one way to interact with the adorable youngster in augmented reality.

This week, independent developer Brandon Rosado whipped up an amazing (and unofficial) Baby Yoda experience for the Magic Leap One and shared it with the world.

Using a free 3D model created and shared by Connecticut-based multimedia studio Pixel Urge, Rosado crafted a brief experience that includes the child's levitating crib as well as its meme-worthy drinking cup.

In addition to the pure cuteness and pop culture win, the experience also shows off the Magic Leap One's hand tracking, which the developer uses to allow the user to grab and place Baby Yoda into and out of its crib.

Of course, since Baby Yoda is carrying a healthy dose of The Force, it only makes sense that the alien toddler also gets to wield a lightsaber, which it can also use to engage the Magic Leap wearer in a little jousting.

Since the app is unofficial, it doesn't appear in the Magic Leap World app store, so we'll have to admire this tribute to Baby Yoda from afar.

But maybe if someone at Disney (which already has an official Porg app on Magic Leap) gets a taste of this AR brilliance they'll get in contact with the developer and let him release this immersive treat to the rest of the universe.

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Cover image via Brandon Rosado/Twitter

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