News: Independent Developers Can Now Get Feedback on Their Work by Sharing Their Creations in Magic Leap World

Independent Developers Can Now Get Feedback on Their Work by Sharing Their Creations in Magic Leap World

Magic Leap is making it easier for developers to share their spatial computing experiments with other Magic Leap One users.

On Thursday, Magic Leap has opened up Magic Leap World for developers to publish concepts, which as defined by Magic Leap, are "free apps with limited functionality" available to Magic Leap One users for the purposes of testing and evaluating.

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Concepts have a section on Magic Leap World for users to discover them. These preview apps are generally easier to publish than full-fledged apps — they're approved more quickly and their developers aren't required to complete merchant registration.

The biggest name to take advantage of the new app category the Dow Jones Innovation Lab, who is making the Wall Street Journal Stocks Data Concept app available to the public for the first time. The app displays a radial scatter plot from real-time data for every US stock with at least $1 billion in market capitalization.

Roger Kenny, innovation tech lead for Dow Jones, has previewed the app for audiences at various conferences, including the Wall Street Journal Future Fest, so the app itself isn't exactly new. But, now anyone can try it out. Man, if only Gordon Gekko or Jordan Belfort could get their hands on this.

"There is an incredible amount of potential to take complicated data sets and better understand them by adding a spatial dimension," said Kenny in a blog post. "If you look at our concept, there are up to five different dimensions of data packaged into one graph. Even though there is an extreme amount of data there, it's still very easy to understand. All of a sudden, your novice user can comprehend what was previously complicated. Humans are good at understanding concepts spatially - when you put something in multi-dimensional terms, your mind naturally absorbs the information better than even a traditional 2D data visualization."

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On the meta side of things, enterprise software developer Visionaries 777 has also published a concept app, called Concept Cars, that fittingly demonstrates how developers could present concept cars in augmented reality. The app allows users to explore a 3D concept of a fully-electric car, add and remove features, and adjust the scale of the model from tabletop to full-size.

But concepts aren't all about business cases. One of the available concepts, the appropriately-named Spheres from developer Toryn Farr, enables users to manipulate colored spheres. Another comes from 16-year-old Trevor Rose, whose Compete app, which brings AR bowling and darts to users' personal spaces.

So, in short, concepts on Magic Leap World serves a similar purpose to TestFlight on Apple's App Store and the beta testing feature on Google Play. While those are meant more or less for private testing, concepts on Magic Leap World acts as a wider sandbox for developers and users.

Magic Leap has been adamant that video does not do justice to the spatial computing experience available when using Magic Leap One first hand. Concepts solves that problem, making it easier for developers to share their ideas with users before devoting resources to bringing an app from experiment to product. Moreover, it helps Magic Leap populate its store with more content for Magic Leap One early adopters.

Image via Magic Leap

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