News: Andre Iguodala Leaks Magic Leap Details—A Possible 'Siri' Bouncing in Your Hand

Andre Iguodala Leaks Magic Leap Details—A Possible 'Siri' Bouncing in Your Hand

NBA star Andre Iguodala, of the Golden State Warriors, got to try out a Magic Leap demo in Florida and started dishing out some pretty revealing details about the upcoming mixed reality headset to CNET's Brian Tong.

Apparently, Iguodala "felt" something in his hand while he was trying out the demo. He put his hand out and a holographic character popped up and appeared. He said, "I felt something, but I could've swore it was something else happening . . . your mind is playing tricks on you."

Iguodala went on to note that this "little character," or more technically speaking, a digital assistant, could basically be like a person's very own Siri. The digital assistant would bounce around in your hand where you would be able to tell it to turn off the lights or preheat the oven, depending on whatever you needed to control within your own home.

The actual device is so small—the one that's going to come to the market. It's like you have a pair of sunglasses on.

The digital assistant wouldn't be controlled through a smartphone, like Siri, but would be something that you could control just by moving your eyes around and telling the assistant what to do. Iguodala discussed this as something similar to having a smart home at your fingertips.

Although, unlike a smart home, if you wanted to throw an 80-inch TV in the corner of the room just by simply moving your eyes in that direction, it's possible with the Magic Leap, according to the basketball player's excited descriptions.

It's a disruption of life. You know, you say tech has to be disruptive and how could you make something more efficient, but this is incredible.

Not only may the Magic Leap be something fun and useful to have around your home, but it's possible that the device could ultimately impact lives all over the world by bringing people closer together through mixed reality interaction.

Iguodala brought up the idea of using an MR headset to homeschool kids. The device would allow kids to be at home while still interacting with their teacher and the other students within a real-time classroom.

Ultimately, Magic Leap and MR technology, in general, has the potential to bridge the gap that social media has created, allowing for a much more interactive and hands on society.

Check out Andre Iguodala's full-length interview with Brian Tong below to learn more about the upcoming Magic Leap device:

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