News: This Is the Crazy Set Up Magic Leap Uses to Study Your Face

This Is the Crazy Set Up Magic Leap Uses to Study Your Face

Magic Leap has some seriously awesome tech behind their augmented reality vision, and has made it a point to add a ton of adrenaline into the industry with a revolutionary focus on 3D layering. Today, they gave the public another glance at how they go about it.

Image by Magic Leap/Twitter

The image above displays the complete setup that Magic Leap uses to accurately capture someone's entire facial structure. The associated caption to this image reads: "This is where we study the 22 bones & 43 muscles of the face & head."

This way, Magic Leap can study someone's reactions and use light-field technology to ramp up the experience without making you so dizzy, giving further credence to their work towards making a headset more integrated with a user's daily routine. I don't know about you, but seeing this makes me excited for whatever else Magic Leap is going to show us next.

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